Environmental Design and Information Technology Laboratory (Yabuki Laboratory)
Division of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University


  • Yuehan ZHU, "Development of a Mixed Reality System for Indoor Environmental Renovation Integrated with Computational Fluid Dynamics, 360 Degree Streaming, and Deep Learning", Ph.D. Dissertation.
  • Yuichi IKEDA, "Study on Form Measurement Using Point Cloud Data in Building Construction", Ph.D. Dissertation.
  • Tingsong CHEN, "Improving the safety of construction site personnel using multi-sensor data fusion", Ph.D. Dissertation.
  • Kai ONISHI, "Detection and Modeling of Window Glasses of Buildings from Point Cloud Data Using Instance Segmentation", Master's thesis.
  • Airi KINOSHITA, "A Mixed Reality System for Large Scale Spaces from Drone Perspectives Enabling Flight Along Arbitrary Paths, Including Inaccessible Locations", Master's thesis.
  • Sayuri SHIMIZU, "A Nighttime Outdoor Environmental Design System for Light Pollution Reduction Utilizing Mixed Reality Considering Surrounding Light Conditions", Master's thesis.
  • Ryoma TSUJIMOTO, "Multi-User Server-Enabled Mobile Mixed Reality System for Simulated Outdoor Flooding", Master's thesis.
  • Kazuya MATSUBA, "Development of Building Information Modeling Data Models with Industry Foundation Classes Extensions for a Building Operating System toward Net-Zero Energy Building Renovation", Master's thesis.
  • Qingzhe GAO, "A Reflection Rendering Method for Building Façades in Augmented Reality", Master's thesis.
  • Shinya TSURUNAGA, "Enhanced Landscape Visualization of Post-Structure Removal: Integrating 3D Reconstruction Techniques and Diffusion Models through Machine Learning ", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Keiji HASHIZUME, "A Surface Modeling Method for Indoor Spaces from 3D Point Clouds Reconstructed by 3D Gaussian Splatting", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Ryuto FUKUDA, "Advancing Building Facade Inspection: Integration of an Infrared Camera Equipped Drone and Mixed Reality", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Soushi FUTAMURA, "The Advancement in Web Based Mixed Reality Systems: A Multi-User Perspective Sharing for Future Landscape Studies", Bachelor's thesis.


  • Yunqin LI, "A human-centric evaluation of urban street environmental perception based on multiple data sources using deep learning", Ph.D. Dissertation.
  • Jiaxin ZHANG, "Automatic extraction and quantitative analysis of building facade information at large scale using street-level images and deep learning", Ph.D. Dissertation.
  • Yoshihiko ITO, "Automatic Review of Disaster Waste Treatment Plans and Treatment Execution Plans Using Natural Language Processing", Master's thesis.
  • Ryo ONISHI, "Remote sharing system for 3D real objects with point cloud reconstruction using deep learning point cloud completion", Master's thesis.
  • Takuya KIKUCHI, "Automatic synthetic dataset generation method for instance segmentation of urban streetscapes using image translation technology of deep learning", Master's thesis.
  • Atsuya SHIBANO, "Information Sharing among Multiple Infrastructure Management Entities Using the Inter-Disciplinary Data Collaboration Platform", Master's thesis.
  • Totaro YOSHINORI, "Development of a Web based life cycle evaluation system of road pavement cost and greenhouse gas emission", Master's thesis.
  • Emi YONEDA, "Study of as-built detection using 3D models and point cloud segmentation", Master's thesis.
  • Hiroto SHIMIZU, "Weight Estimation of Unknown Shape Construction and Demolition Waste Composed of Single Material Using Point Cloud Classification by Deep Learning", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Taichi SHIRAHASE, "Developing a Mixed Reality System with Reflection Rendering of Virtual Objects Using Generative Adversarial Networks", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Riku NISHIMOTO, "Development of the Mixed Reality with Dynamic Occlusion Handling Using Monocular Depth Estimation of Deep Learning for Spatial Design", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Yuki MUGITA, "Future Landscape Visualization by Generating Images Using Diffusion Models and Instance Segmentation", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Koji YOSHIMURA, "A property data sharing method of Building Information Models using remote Augmented Reality", Bachelor's thesis.


  • Yuichi YASHIRO, "プラント建設と定期検査における熟練者のノウハウの活用基盤構築に関する研究", Ph.D. Dissertation.
  • Satoru YAMAKI, "公共工事の入札価格における上限拘束と下限制約に関する研究", Ph.D. Dissertation.
  • Yixi XIA, "Urban landscape analysis methodology based on street view images using deep learning ", Ph.D. Dissertation.
  • Naoki KIKUCHI, "Internet-Based City Digital Twin Approach for Landscape Visualization Using Augmented Reality and Drones", Master's thesis.
  • Yasuyuki KUBOTA, "Automatic Shield Tunnel Excavation using Machine Learning", Master's thesis.
  • Mizuki NAKABAYASHI, "Mixed Reality Landscape Visualization Method with Automatic Discrimination Process for Dynamic Occlusion Handling Using Instance Segmentation", Master's thesis.
  • Junya MAKINO, "Optimization of the Transportation Plan of Designated Waste Using Quantum Annealing", Master's thesis.
  • Yumin ZENG, "Research on Multimodal Deep Learning for Indoor Localization Based on RSSI and Magnetic Field Fingerprints", Master's thesis.
  • Hao CHEN, "Developing an Augmented Reality-based Landscape Design Visualization System with Real-time Reflection", Master's thesis.
  • Airi KINOSHITA, "Enhanced Tracking Method with Object Detection for Mixed Reality in Outdoor Large Space", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Ryoma TSUJIMOTO, "A Mobile Mixed Reality System with Server-Side Self-Positioning Estimation and Rendering for Environment Design Support", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Kota HORI, "Analysis of Influence Factors of Truck Arrival Time using Transportation Data of Designated Waste", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Kazuya MATSUBA, "Development of an integrated model of sensors and BIM for Building OS", Bachelor's thesis.


  • Chavanont KHOSAKITCHALERT, "Development of Quantity Takeoff Methods for Compound Elements Based on Building Information Modeling (BIM)", Ph.D. Dissertation.
  • Natthapol SAOVANA, "Automatic semantic classification of photogrammetry-based image feature points and point cloud using deep learning", Ph.D. Dissertation.
  • Kazunosuke IKENO, "Automatic Generation of Horizontal Building Mask Images by Using a 3D Model with Aerial Photographs Removed Thin Clouds by Generative Adversarial Network for Deep Learning", Master's thesis.
  • Daichi ISHIKAWA, "Internet-based Interactive Remote Collaboration Method for Three-dimensional Physical Objects Using High-speed Point Cloud Segmentation and Mixed Reality", Master's thesis.
  • Rikuto TANAKA, "Development of a Construction Workers’ Posture Estimation System Using Helmet-mounted Sensors and Machine Learning", Master's thesis.
  • Seiki KOYAMA, "Development of a Linked Data Model between Bridges and Sensors for Bridge Maintenance", Master's thesis.
  • Ryo ONISHI, "A Remote Sharing System of 3D Real Objects with Instance-segmented 3D Point Cloud Acquired in Real-time", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Yuki ONO, "Development of Visualization System Using xR to Share the Result of the Sound Environment Simulation of Disaster Radio", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Takuya KIKUCHI, "A Diminished Reality Landscape Visualization Method with Automatic Completion of Hidden Background Using Semantic Segmentation and Generative Adversarial Network", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Atsuya SHIBANO, "Automatic Generating Method of Annotation data for Instance Crack Detection by using Inspection data", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Yuta NAKAMIZO, "A server-side rendering method to realize WebAR that handle Large-volume 3DCG models used in environmental design", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Emi YONEDA, "Monitoring progress of construction work using building information modeling and instance segmentation", Bachelor's thesis.


  • Teruaki KAGEYAMA, "Quantity Calculation and Earned Value Management (EVM) of Public Works Using 3D Product Model of Steel Bridge", Ph.D. Dissertation.
  • Kohei YAMAMOTO, "A Measurement of Rail Clearance Gause by Using Two Mobile Laser Scanners Directly above the Rails", Ph.D. Dissertation.
  • Ryu IDUTSU, "As-built and earned value detection of concrete bridges using deep learning and building information modeling", Master's thesis.
  • Daiki KIDO, "Internet-Based Mixed Reality with Dynamic Occlusion Handling and Visual Environment Estimation for Environmental Design Using Deep Learning", Master's thesis.
  • Yukako SAKAMOTO, "Improvement of 3D modeling accuracy of earthwork site by noise processing using deep learning and SfM", Master's thesis.
  • Sho TANAKA, "egmentation of Point Clouds Using Image Processing Based on Deep Learning for Creating 3D Models", Master's thesis.
  • Kayla MANUEL, "Development of Visualization System for Sound Environment Simulation of Disaster Radio Using Mixed Reality", Master's thesis.
  • Kento OGUCHI, "Development of Progress Management System using Deep Learning for Construction Work", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Naoki KIKUCHI, "Development of Landscape Simulation from Free Viewpoints with Small Drone and Augmented Reality", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Mizuki NAKABAYASHI, "Development of a Mixed Reality System Using Instance Segmentation for Landscape Dynamic Occluded Simulation", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Totaro YOSHINORI, "Development of an xR System for Inspection of Remote Construction Sites", Bachelor's thesis.


  • Worawan NATEPHRA, "An Integrated Building Performance Evaluation Method with Building Information Modeling and Environmental Simulations", Ph.D. Dissertation.
  • Satoshi ANAI, "Precision Comparison of Multiple CNNs for Detection of Concrete Surface Deterioration from Digital Images", Master's thesis.
  • Yoshiaki OHNISHI, "Integration of data models for bridge objects, sensing, and inspection", Master's thesis.
  • Atsuhiro YAMAMOTO, "Mixed Reality Teleconference System with Design Change Tracking and 3D Editing", Master's thesis.
  • Rui CAO, "Development of Real-Time Estimation System for Visual Environment Information Using Deep Learning", Master's thesis.
  • Liang YAN, "A Landscape Tele-Simulation System Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Augmented Reality", Master's thesis.
  • Kazunosuke IKENO, "Development of Visualization System for Sound Environment Simulation of Disaster Radio Using Mixed Reality", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Daichi ISHIKAWA, "Development of a Telepresence System for Sharing 3D Physical Objects Using Real-time Point Clouds", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Tatsuya UENO, "Visualization of inspection and sensing data of infrastructures using augmented reality", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Seiki KOYAMA, "Coordination between a Bridge 3D Model and a Sensor Information Model", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Rikuto TANAKA, "Workers’ Behavior Analysis Using Accelerometers and Machine Learning for Improvement of Productivity and Safety", Bachelor's thesis.


  • Kazuya INOUE, "Development of Mixed Reality System with Diminished Reality and Green View Index Estimation for Environmental Design Simulation", Master's thesis..
  • Naoto NISHIMURA, "Automatic Detection of Construction Machiney, workers, and Signbords from Digital Images Using Transfer Learning of Deep Learning", Master's thesis.
  • Reika YAMAGUCHI, "Removal of photographic noises for construction site 3D modeling by SfM.", Master's thesis.
  • Ryo YAMASAKI, "Development of an acoustic characteristic improvement support system for indoor spaces using photogrammetry and deep learning", Master's thesis.
  • Xuhui Zhang, "3D Thermal Modeling of Existing Buildings for Inspection of Thermal Problems", Master's thesis.
  • Yuehan ZHU, "Integrating Computational Fluid Dynamics Animation into Mixed Reality for Indoor Thermal Environment Renovation", Master's thesis.
  • Sota KAMIJI, "Audiovisual Diminished Reality for Post-Demolition Landscape Assessment." Bachelor's thesis.
  • Daiki KIDO, "Development of Real-time Object Detection System with Diminished Reality for Landscape Design Simulation" Bachelor's thesis.
  • Yukako SAKAMOTO, "3D modeling of Uniform Surface Structure based on SfM, and search for Local Images" Bachelor's thesis.
  • Sho TANAKA, "Recognition of Road Pillars by Deep Learning using Point Clouds and Images" Bachelor's thesis.


  • Nao HIDAKA, "An Efficient Method of Creating Polygon Models from Point Clouds of Civil Infrastructures for Maintenance", Master's thesis..
  • Munetoshi MIYAKE, "A Marker-less Augmented Reality Using 3D Reconstruction Techniques for Visualizing Building Information", Master's thesis.
  • Kazuki YOKOI, "Integrating CFD and AR for Indoor Thermal Environmental Design Feedback for Greening", Master's thesis.
  • Mariana CHUNG ZOU, "Operation and Maintenance Data Exchange of Road Assets based on COBie", Master's thesis.
  • Yaser ALIPOUR , "An Interactive Public Lighting and Alarm System Using Wireless Networks for Increasing Energy Saving and Public Safety", Master's thesis.
  • Yuqian HAN, "Green Building Design Support System Based on BIM and LEED", Master's thesis.
  • Yoshiaki ONISHI, "Development of a Data Model for Sensing and inspection of infrastructure." Bachelor's thesis.
  • Yasuyuki KUWAMURO, "Optical Integrity of Diminished Reality Using Deep Learning and Sensors" Bachelor's thesis.
  • Atsuhiro YAMAMOTO, "A Synchronous Teleconference System Using VR with HMD and Natural User Interface in BIM/CIM" Bachelor's thesis.


  • Yusuke SATO, "A marker-less Augmented Reality system using image processing techniques for design and maintenance of structure", Master's thesis..
  • Toshie HIRAI, "Urban crime prevention/response framework using a hybrid wireless network and city lights", Master's thesis.
  • Masahiro HOSOKAWA, "Integrating CFD and VR for indoor thermal environment design feedback.", Master's thesis.
  • Suguru WAKITA, "Appropriateness of Layout of Map Signage on University Campus", Master's thesis.
  • ZHE WANG, "Automatic Signage Visibility Checking System Using BIM-enabled VR Environments", Master's thesis.
  • Wenxuan CHEN, "Development of the Product Models for Harbor Structures including Degradation", Master's thesis.
  • Yakui DING, "Automatic Measurement System of Visible Greenery Ratio using Augmented Reality", Master's thesis.
  • Kazuya INOUE, "Post-Demolition Landscape Assessment using Photogrammetry-based Diminished Reality (DR)" Bachelor's thesis.
  • Masato KISHIMOTO, "Experimental Study on a Management System for Roadside Trees Using NFC-Compliant REID Tags" Bachelor's thesis.
  • Yuta HIRANO, “Extracting Geometric Indicators from Point Cloud of Roadside Trees and its Application to Tree Diagnosis” Bachelor's thesis.
  • Reika YAMAGUCHI, "Development of an Arduino-based System for Construction Site Monitoring" Bachelor's thesis.
  • Ryo YAMASAKI, "Development of a simplified sound data visualization system using Kinect sensors" Bachelor's thesis.


  • Takashi Aruga, "Development of Product Models for Maintenance of Cut and Cover Tunnels", Doctoral thesis..
  • Takamichi ITAKURA, "Optimum level of development of 3D bridge product models for operation and maintenance", Master's thesis..
  • Takahiro TACHIKAWA , "A Construction Management System Using Ultra-wideband Communication and Three-Dimensional Models", Master's thesis.
  • Takashi TANEMURA, "Development of a 4D System by Generating Object Models of Structures Using Point Cloud Data and Adding Attribute Data.", Master's thesis.
  • Kazuki NAKAYAMA, "A Data Mining Method Using NoSQL with Sensing Data for Energy Efficient Buildings", Master's thesis.
  • Kohei OJIO, "A preliminary research on structure maintenance support system using Camera Vector technology" Bachelor's thesis.
  • Nao HIDAKA, "Polygon Modeling from Point Cloud of Civil Infla Structures based on Geometric Similarity Creating" Bachelor's thesis.
  • Miyake MUNETOSHI, "Improvement of Construction Process with Semi Permeation and See Through technology using Augmented Reality" Bachelor's thesis.
  • Kento MORIWAKI, "Detection of Trees from Mobile Laser Scanning Data of Urban Environments" Bachelor's thesis.
  • Kazuki YOKOI, "Development of Ground Transparent AR System from Underground" Bachelor's thesis.


  • Yasuo Fujisawa, "Improvement Construction Production System by applying Construction Information Modeling", Doctoral thesis.
  • Lei SUN, "Improvement of Landscape Community Design Support System by Virtual Reality", Doctoral thesis.
  • Yuta ASHIDA, "A roadside tree diagnosis support system and a plant information provision system using IC tags conformed to NFC", Master's thesis.
  • Shuhei FURUBAYASHI, "Development of a mathematical data model and a checking system of directional signage at railway stations", Master's thesis.
  • Li SHIYI, "A Virtual Reality Modeling Method for Urban Landscape By Reduction of Complicated Model of Building Information Modeling Data", Master's thesis.
  • Yusuke SATO, "A development Augmented Reality technology using matching system of image for inspection of structure", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Toshie HIRAI, "A wireless sensor network for the crime prevention environment using Arduino and communication modules", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Masahiro HOSOKAWA, "A research on method to improve thermal environment with visualizing indoor thermal condition by augmented reality", Bachelor's thesis.


  • Yumeka EBASHI, "Comparison of VR and AR simulation in projects of elevating railroad tracks", Master's thesis.
  • Emi KOMORI, "Development and application of an accurate positioning method for Augmented Reality using multiple markers", Master's thesis.
  • Shingo TAKAOKU, "Development of a Data Model for Cleaning of Buildings", Master's thesis.
  • Shota TSUKAMOTO, "Knowledge Discovery from Monitoring Data by The Integration of Sensor Data Model and Knowledge Model", Master's thesis.
  • Toshiki TOKUHARA, "Development of kinetic physical model for urban volume simulation", Master's thesis.
  • Zhou QI, "A 4D model for maintenance management of bridges", Master's thesis.
  • Takahiro TACHIKAWA, "Basic study on the acquisition and use of the position information at construction sites using ultra-wideband communication technology ", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Takashi TANEMURA, "A basic research on diminished reality for realizing augmented reality for demolition and removal of buildings", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Kazuki NAKAYAMA, "A proposal of hybrid energy efficient systems of using visualization and automatic control methods", Bachelor's thesis.


  • Masataka OGURA, "A Proposal of an Asset Management Approach Using Multi Agent Simulation", Master's thesis.
  • Takuya ONOUE, "Heatstroke prevention systems for construction workers using information technology", Master's thesis.
  • Kensuke KITAGAWA, "A Development of Interactive 3D Modeling System from Point Cloud under Geometric Characteristic of Urban and Architectural Physical Model", Master's thesis.
  • Tian ZHANG, "A mobile augmented reality system for urban landscape simulation", Master's thesis.
  • Weicheng LIN, "Study on the realization of optical integrity for lighting simulation using of the Augmented Reality", Master's thesis.
  • Yuta ASHIDA, "Integration of Product Model and Sensor Data Model toward Data Mining", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Shuhei FURUBAYASHI, "Development of Rendering Method of Environmental Simulation Results Using Point Cloud Data and Augmented Reality", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Yuki HAMADA, "Development of an AR System Using Point Cloud Data and Feature Points for Outdoor Large Scale Structures", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Toshiki YAMADA, "A study on a sound generating device attached to bicycles for giving caution to pedestrians", Bachelor's thesis.


  • Yoshiriho YOSHIDA, "Storaging Enviromental Sensing Data of Structure by Context and Knowledge Discovery", Doctoral thesis.
  • Yuuki KIKUSHIGE, "A Management System of Roadside Trees Using RFID and Ontology", Master's thesis.
  • Yumeka EBASHI, "Deployment for ICT inspection of Harbor Structure", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Emi KOMORI, "An experimental study on the accuracy of positioning method using four markers for Augumented Reality", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Shingo TAKAOKU, "A Precise Outdoor Augmented Reality Technology Using Point Clouds Measured by 3D Laser Scanners", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Shota TSUKAMATO, "Data mining for energy saving in buildings using contextual data", Bachelor's thesis.


  • Takayuki KAWAGUCHI, "A Virtual Reality Modeling Method for Investigating Landscape of a Wide Urban Area Using Building Information Modeling Data", Master's thesis.
  • Kazuhiro SUGIMURA, "Virtual Reality Simulation of Wind Power Plants Using Sound and 3D Animated Graphics", Master's thesis.
  • Atsumi MARUHASHI, "Development of a pedestrian navigation and comment collection system at transfer stations", Master's thesis.
  • Kyoko MIYASHITA, "Evaluation of Invisible Height for Landscape Preservation Using Augmented Reality", Master's thesis.
  • Yasuyo YOSHIKAWA, "Development of Tourism Information Management System Using ICT", Master's thesis.
  • TORRES YURI QUEIROZ ABREU, "Use of wifi location estimation tecchnology as a tool for real time desiplay of riverside information during sightseeing cruise", Master's thesis .
  • Naoki OTA, "Development of an Accurate Positioning Method for Augmented Reality Using Multiple Markers", Master's thesis.
  • Masataka OGURA, "A hybrid lighting system of reflected daylight and controlled artificial light by sensor networks", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Takuya ONOUE, "Sensing of comfort by visualization of outdoor thermal environment by the VR Avatar " , Bachelor's thesis.
  • Toshiki TOKUHARA, "Development of a City Presentation Method by linking Viewpoints of a Physical Scale Model and VR ", Bachelor's thesis.
  • Kensuke KITAGAWA, "A Study for VR Modeling method of Urban Physical Models by using 3D Laser Scanner", Bachelor's thesis.


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